About Karen


From the time Karen was very young she enjoyed painting on whatever she could get her hands on and that included the walls of her house! Karen’s mother was wonderful as she herself was an artist and supplied a wall in Karen’s room where she was free to express herself! She received formal training at her local college concentrating on color and design. She discovered the software program “Painter” fifteen years ago and has since then enjoyed creating images using a Wacom tablet and stylus. The same principles can be applied to painting digitally as in traditional media painting. The technique of “painting with digital light” enables her to have command of skills that are both traditional and state-of-the-art.

Karen’s feeling is that everyone has the ability to draw and paint, we just need to learn how to develop our own gifts, and Digital Art Academy is the venue to achieve that goal. Karen is a veteran of online training and an instructor at Digital Art Academy .

Karen looks forward to helping you explore the world of digital painting; it has been a wonderful journey for her! To enjoy Karen’s Painter classes please visit Digital Art Academy and get started on your journey!


Corel Elite Painter Master
Corel Painter Beta Team
Corel Painter Advisory Council
Founder Digital Art Academy