Painter 2017 What it Means to the Digital Fine Artist

Today Painter 2017 was released! This version of Painter promises to be one of the best yet in terms of addressing legacy bugs and adding new content that makes sense to the vast majority of Professional users as well as Painter enthusiast! On the surface it may seem that this version of purely for the Professional user, but not so…there are some wonderful new tools for the Digital Fine Artist as well. Let me introduce you to some of my favorite new features.

You will want to get in on the special upgrade price of $99! In this video by Painter Master Elite Skip Allen he shows you how to find the upgrade option! If you own Painter 16 and you received a notification on screen about the upgrade you will receive the upgrade price!

cayote color corrected


In this release you will delight in using a new Brush Category called Texture brushes. Texture brushes create the appearance of surface texture over existing paintings, photographs and more. Although this particular brush set is focused towards Illustrators, Character Designers and Concept Artists the Digital Fine Artist will discover ways to expand creativity while painting with these new variants.

texture brushes

Grayscale images are particularly interesting to work with as you can blend different textures into a grayscale image. Especially important is the pressure you apply to the stylus while painting in the textures!


The image pictured below shows how you can composite a photograph adding textures or additional imagery all from the Texture Libraries.




Textures can be added to skies, land, and water elements within the scene. But the fun is experimenting with the many ways texture can be applied in your creative process. Textures such as scales, feathers and fur can add an element of realism to your paintings.

Painter 2017 includes a wonderful variety of texture presets or you can create your own or import several textures or photos at once. Textures are highly customizable  and you will never tire of the ways you can use them.


Texture painting is so much fun and you will find many ways to incorporate textures into your artwork.

Texture painting lets you add textures to your projects by taking the color and luminance components of a source image — the texture — and transposing them onto another surface — your painting — using different brush methods. Texture painting works with brushes that use any of the following dab types: Circular, Computed Circular, Captured, Single-Pixel, Dynamic Speckle Bristle, and Particle types (Flow, Gravity, and Spring).

You can display a representation of the texture on screen to help you move it, position it precisely, and manipulate it in relation to the underlying brushstrokes or image. In addition, you can control how much of the underlying image you see through a texture. If you don’t want to see the texture or it’s obscuring your ability to paint, you can hide it.

For more information on painting with Textures please see the Corel Painter Help files.

2016-08-01_15-44-16  2016-08-01_15-46-12


But for the Digital Fine Artist you will delight on the endless ways to paint with texture! From landscapes to enhancing your portraits. Create new and beautiful backgrounds to start your paintings from! At Digital Art Academy we will be showing you all the wonderful new ways to use Texture painting and to help you get started.





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2 thoughts on “Painter 2017 What it Means to the Digital Fine Artist

  1. IMO, P2017 has filled two gaping potholes on the road to successful painting outcomes- texture painting and gradient contol. These were always area I struggled with to get the results I wanted.
    Thankyou Karen for your informative post, and also for the DAA course dealing with P2017. Skip is always a pleasure to listen to as are you. Cheers! wardie

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